How can you expand your wealth until you get self-sufficient

Ways to collect basic wealth 4 basic steps to follow to build your vast wealth

Income The first steps to building wealth is to have an income.There are several sources of income, such as working for others, a job, self-employment or working for yourself.

And you have to increase your sources of income if you want to collect wealth quickly

Ways of obtaining many sources of income There are employment, self-employment, projects and investments
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After you have a source of income do not spend all this money in the necessities of life or accessories.
but you have to allocate a part of your income to save it must be saved money even if it is not large sources of income.
saving money is not the goal of accumulation or love, but to avoid the shocks of life and the dangers that Can occur.
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wealth basic wealth steps


After you get a good source of income and then save money the next step is to start operating this money saved to increase and develop.
whether in your own projects or in the projects of others or both together investment is an important step and make you doubled from the owner significantly in a very short period by type The project and your experience in it there are investment projects with large profits and few profits and also there are commercial investments lose you must study the project investment and what you want to invest in it before you invest your money so as not to put in vain.
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It must know the difference between good debt and bad debt, good debt that helps you to develop your wealth is require.

such as requesting a debt  from a bank to take advantage of this debt in the expansion of your business, this debt if you achieved an increase in your income and you can pay off the increase of profits is considered A good debt.
but if you lose this money is considered bad debt and the bad debt is also represented by borrowing to buy the basics of life or to buy the accessories of life if you owe to buy your life policies such as eating, drinking and housing.

how will you be able to pay these debts?

But if you owe to buy the luxuries of your life such as this debt affects the basics of your life and makes you live in great psychological pressure as a result of these debts and will live for a long time under this debt so you can get rid of these debts.

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After collecting the vast wealth you must preserve and develop and do not forget to distribute part of it to the poor and needy to help them and also benefit from them in the establishment of projects beneficial to the community to achieve prosperity and provide them with jobs that help them in their lives and make you more money and wealth