Privacy and digital security and what is the difference between them?

In this digital era based on technology must be security and privacy of the main demands. Everything is linked and easily accessible.
Most of our personal data and information is available for hacking and security threats, so everyone needs protection and privacy.
especially people working in communications. But most of us do not know what is the difference between security and privacy.

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What is the difference between security and privacy technology   ?

Before discussing the difference between security and privacy, they must be defined separately:

A condition that indicates personal freedom from external forces and freedom from potential mistakes and threats.

Like a home security system that protects your family.
data security protects personal data and information by protecting your passwords and documents.
As an example of security, anti-virus programs on your PC that protect your computer and make your files safe.
As technology evolves, strict procedures and measures have been put in place to protect digital data from unauthorized access and protection from hackers and cybercriminals.
so you must protect your accounts with strong passwords with different groups on different websites that require login.

all security measures try to address a single goal Security objectives are:

protecting confidentiality, maintaining the integrity of information assets and enhancing the availability of data and information.
Privacy: The right to be free from intrusive eyes and intruders.
As an example of the difference between security and privacy.
the window in your room allows you to see things outside, allows sunlight to enter your home.
You can open it to enter fresh air.It is used as an exit in case of emergency.
When locks are placed, the window retains all the previous functions and represents this safety.
When you place curtains to prevent intruders from looking inside your room, this is privacy.
Putting curtains provides you with the safety of thieves who will not be able to know what you have in your home and when you are at home.
so it is impossible to implement a privacy program without a security program.

The difference between security and privacy

  • Despite the similarities between the two terms and the intricate interdependence between them, security is a state of personal freedom and freedom from potential threats, while privacy is freedom from unwanted attention and intrusion on privacy.
  • Objectives: The objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability are to protect your confidential information and data from unauthorized access. Privacy refers to the rights of individuals and institutions with respect to personal information.
  • Software: A security program refers to a set of protocols and regulations established for all confidential information and resources collected and owned by an organization, focusing on data and information rather than personal information of individuals. The privacy program focuses only on protecting personal information such as login and passwords.
  • Principles: Security principles include protecting confidentiality, maintaining the integrity of information assets, and enhancing the availability of data and information. The principles of privacy define the rights of individuals and organizations with respect to personal information.
  • Interdependence and dependence: Security can be achieved without privacy, but privacy cannot be achieved without security.

How can we ensure maximum privacy and digital security in our daily online transactions?

I have never been one of those activists and human rights activists or of the political issues and ideas they are fighting for.
so I never cared about discussing such matters of privacy and security.
but I think I am the most ignorant of such things for long times I do not use even the simplest protection programs My files or even keep my passwords and how strong.

Until recently I thought that the information I have is not important to anyone else on this earth and that my activities do not need to be concerned about its privacy.

With the beginning of the concept of privacy became clear to me and began to realize the culture of privacy and digital security and the value of our information.
even if the information in its simplest form and the indifference to our digital security is dangerous for our communities, businesses and daily transactions that become in the wind.

Certainly, the debate on these matters has increased with leaks about the prism program, the largest US spy program in the history of the Internet.

perhaps one of the tragedies that confirmed the suspicions of the majority of Internet activists.

The vast amount of information that is readily available is monopolized by one authority that controls the whole world.

Also what our country is going through in Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries in difficult circumstances led to a kind of unfair censorship and cyber attacks and the threat of activists.
This has made the debate about a culture of digital security an urgent necessity.

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