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Retail Sales measures the change in sales volume by retailers in the country. The retail sales index shows consumer spending, which comes on a monthly basis and is the first to follow the patterns of consumer spending, especially consumer goods and spending on services such as health, education and infrastructure.
The Retail Sales report is moving strongly in the market at the time of its release. As mentioned above, this indicator reflects the level of consumer confidence in the economy.
As the index rises, this means that demand levels are high reflecting consumer confidence in the economy.
When the results of retail sales are not shown together, such as most indicators, this index is not linked to inflation, to measure the index to be studied with monthly inflation rates to become more accurate.

Retail Sales - consumer -services

The impact of retail sales on the market:

If the rates are higher than expected, this indicates a growth in the economy and thus gives strength to the currency and increases the demand for it and this in terms of the Forex market.
As for stocks, it gives the same strength to stocks at higher sales rates, because the economic environment is strong and the service product companies are increasing in operation, spending and selling.
which gives a rise in the shares of companies traded.

The date of issuance of the news

The release of retail sales rates comes in the second week of each month, and the impact of the news is strong at the time of its issuance.

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