Bitcoin Cash BCH can follow the Real Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash BCH against USD can follow the path of real Bitcoin BTC with 3 considerations, and below we will list down all scenarios for the cryptocurrency.

Bullish scenario:

  • Bitcoin Cash may end the last correction leg and ready for a rally on the third wave.
  • The rally first confirmation will be a break above $359.
  • Second confirmation will be breaking the peak of June 2019 around $517

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Bearish scenario:

The bearish scenario for Bitcoin cash BCH is not even worse since it will give very good investment and trading opportunity:

  • BCH will re-test support area and uptrend line in case it breaks below $300-$290
  • The area between $227 and $240 will be a perfect area to buy BCH.

For long term investment and overview, the main target of BCH is to break above $1860 and then $4400.
So we do recommend to buy bitcoin cash on depth for long term investment opportunity.

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